Starting with “OPENING MILAN FASHION WEEK” by EVENT SAVÓ On September 17th

Starting with “OPENING MILAN FASHION WEEK” by EVENT SAVÓ On September 17th

Starting with “OPENING MILAN FASHION WEEK” by EVENT SAVÓ On September 17th 1200 800 Event Savó

EVENT SAVÓ opened the Fashion Week in Milan once again.

On runway walked some of the most important and interesting emerging brands.
had the pleasure to host a curated selection of designers giving them the opportunity to be seen by an international audience.

With striking style of brand Elena Savò, shares with us on the runway a well-defined collection, elegant and delicate, showcasing a confident and casual-chic woman.

During the event we’ve seen: Mimacdesign, Ivona Skelo, Chiccosa Atelier, Sofia Alemani/Giusy Donini, Daniel Bozzitelli, Valentina Mondini, Gisella Scibona and Themis by Federica Gabrielli.

Between these, Themis with its innovative trend for girls with a daring personality.

In collaboration of photographer Tania Volobueva and Dj Rio for music.

The event, detailed to the core, also offered an after show delighted by Sicilian fashion cooking “SiciliAmore”, with a typical setting of the Sicilian tradition.
Milano Moda Donna will be the exceptional showcase for the stylists of Art Nobless, fashion management group that has been working for years with prestigious emerging brands and offers stylists and designers the opportunity to present exclusive, handmade, all-inclusive collections recognizable for their creative identity.

There are seven designers who will parade with Art Nobless: Katia Montagna, from Palermo (Atelier Chiccosa), extremely feminine style, with warm tones and light fabrics; Giusy Donini from Milan that manufactures highly creative jewels; Valentina Mondini, designer from Bologna, innovation is her trademark; Daniel Bozzitelli from Rome, with an overwhelming talent that portrays a strong woman; Gisella Scibona fashion- art designer from Catania, eclectic soul who reproduces art in her clothes, with a refined style; Sofia Alemani from Como, as a former architect reproduces geometric outfits with alternative fabric choices.

Accessory and clothing designers will be in the spotlight of Milanese fashion and Art Nobless with pictures taken by photojournalist, Emanuele Tetto.

The main locations of the event will be Sala delle Cariatidi of the Royal Palace and Spazio Cavallerizze of the National Science Museum.
Many are the initiatives on the calendar: 165 collections, 60 fashion shows, 80 presentations and more exhibitions, happenings and themed installations for the city.

In this 2019 edition with the new collections, we celebrate the artisan tradition, creativity, Made in Italy and innovation.
Milan Fashion Week is always an amazing experience for the lucky audience.

Buyers and journalist won’t be able to take their eyes off fashion italian excellence.