EVENT SAVÓ looking for new talents

EVENT SAVÓ looking for new talents

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On September 20, the OPFW – “OPENING MILAN FASHION WEEK” hosts Ivygroovy, an all-Italian brand.

Ivygroovy, the fashion brand of the designer Simona Agnello, fully reveals its Sicilian origins, showing the colors and light of the splendid Mediterranean island on the catwalk. The brand name expresses the essence of the artist’s message. Ivy is the tenacious ivy plant that climbs high in search of light and vitality. The term groovy instead acquires the particular meaning of empathy, the same that the designer wants to establish with all those who admire her creations. Complicity and friendship are in fact considered essential principles for building a solid relationship of esteem and trust with customers.


Lucky Catrina by Ivygroovy

The name of the collection presented, Lucky Catrina, evokes an iconic character of Mexican mythology, which nevertheless recalls some Sicilian traditions and suggestions in its connotations. The lucky Catrina, despite her appearance, is a positive symbol for Mexicans: she represents femininity and strength at the same time. Some details of his clothing recall the decorations of the Mexican altars, but also the local ornaments of the votive shrines that color some Sicilian streets. The horizons widen, the myths mix, the near and distant traditions make up a mix of suggestions that enchants and makes you dream.


Features and design

The Sicilian atmosphere, with its colors and suggestions, is fully evident in Simona Agnello’sgarments, sometimes only in simple but significant details. However, the collection also shows the interest with which the designer looks to the 70s and 80s. She skilfully combines the aesthetics of the golden years of rock with more contemporary styles. In fact, Simona loves to connote the soft and sinuous lines of women’s dresses with strong and decisive details. Some details of men’s fashion, such as the broad shoulders reinforced with shoulder pads, contaminate the femininity of some of his creations, breaking down the barrier between the two worlds. Another noteworthy innovation is the presence of garments in one size, but easily adaptable to any size thanks to the soft and sinuous fabrics. The green color and tropical prints, which characterize some outfits, finally reveal optimism and confidence in the future.

The dream of a color world

The collection presented by Simona Agnello expressed her roots, her inner world and her creativity in an extraordinary way. On the catwalk they paraded clothes designed especially for a woman who knows how to dare and stand out, with an eccentric and original style. However, on the catwalk, in addition to the splendid creations, the star of the show was the dream of an ever brighter and more colorful world.


by Francesca Damante https://instagram.com/francesca_damante?utm_medium=copy_link