EVENT SAVÓ presenta nuovi giovani designers alla “OPENING MILAN FASHION WEEK”

EVENT SAVÓ presenta nuovi giovani designers alla “OPENING MILAN FASHION WEEK”

EVENT SAVÓ presenta nuovi giovani designers alla “OPENING MILAN FASHION WEEK” 2560 1707 Event Savó


The “OPENING MILAN FASHION WEEK” by EVENT SAVÓ presso Milan is the extraordinary event that kicked off the highly anticipated MilanoFashion Week on 20th September. The world of fashion, after the long forced stop, turns back the spotlight on the catwalks and makes the city dream again. And thanks to the Event Savóagency, the dream of young emerging and talented designers is also realized.

EVENT SAVÓ enhances national and international talents

EVENT SAVÓ supports and enhances talent at 360°. The designers who parade on the prestigious catwalk of the Opening fashion week converge in Milano from all over the world. Also this year the combination of different cultures and traditions has given rise to a show that is as fascinating as it is engaging. Each artist has expressed his personal message through an absolutely original language and style. The public, other than beauty and creativity, has fully understood the values ​​and ideals that characterize every single creation that has paraded on the catwalk. A parade of colors, styles and traditions characterized this special event, which has the important merit of having introduced twelve young artists to the general public.

Elena Savó, opened the event by presenting brand collection, casualand chiccreations dress a modern woman who wants to appear elegant, but at the same time feel comfortable and suitable for all circumstances.

The QbyQs brand, created by Que Shebley, offered men’s shoes and also women’s shoes for the occasion, suitable for any occasion, elegant and refined. The collection features pieces that are very different from each other in terms of color, material and type of workmanship, as each one represents the product of different places and cultures.

The outfits from the “Fusion” collection of the GC&VR brand brought a breath of pure originality to the catwalk. Each garment represents a perfect fusion between elegant style and neutral colors of the designer Giorgia Cicatello, and the streetwear style of Vintage revenge by Gianmarco Costella.

The BENVE brand by Anita Benve, with the “The joy of nature” collection, illuminated the catwalk with an explosion of bright and brilliant pastel colors. The power of color and freedom emanates from each garment, creating a pleasant enveloping atmosphere.

Subsequently the catwalk is illuminated by the beautiful dresses of EYEBE by Christelle Eyebe where the gold color is the protagonist.

The Sicilian designer Simona Agnello with her suggestive creations showed the colors and lights of her splendid island with the Ivygroovy brand. “Lucky Catrina” is the name of her collection, which dresses a woman who is feminine but at the same time strong and determinate, just like the iconic character of Mexican mythology. The charm of the 1920s dominates in Rebecca Fiorini‘s “Her” collection. Many details of these dresses, which are inspired by the famous novel “The Great Gatsby”, are made with recycled material.

The young Valentina Poltronieri tells the love for travel with her “Shades of Soul” collection. In particular, the memory of a stay in the seductive Marrakech emerges, with the colors and suggestions linked to this enchanted place.

From the charm of Morocco to the ultra-modern Hong Kong with the brand of the designer Louise, PSY LAU. The predominant colors are yellow, black, green and the menwear collection impresses with its innovative details.

The designer Tamara Zeidan with the MARA brand gives intoxicating emotions that come from her homeland, Lebanon. Each item in the collection tells a story that brings us to the East.

Elena Garcia with her Sunday Morning brand closes the fashion show with an explosion of colors.

It is a particularly captivating collection, influenced by her London experience, as she herself stated.


The exhibitions offered unique and exclusive pieces. Particularly original and captivating are the accessories and bags from the Elena Savó collection and the QbyQs shoes. The innovative and colorful jewels of Vanella have created a pleasant contrast with the more classic and elegant cut ones of Artfusion Como, the perfect symbol of handmade.

Artfusion Como @artfusion.como

Elena Savó accessories @elenasavo_fashion

QbyQS @qbyqs

The OPFW– “OPENING MILAN FASHION WEEK” by EVENT SAVÓ presented many young talents to the general public. They have contributed, with their art and creativity, to write an important new page to add to the compelling book of the world of fashion.

by Francesca Damante https://instagram.com/francesca_damante?utm_medium=copy_link