Elena Savó: “fashion”, a passion that was born as a child

Elena Savó: “fashion”, a passion that was born as a child

Elena Savó: “fashion”, a passion that was born as a child 1707 2560 Event Savó

The OPENING Fashion Week presso Milan, after a long period of forced detention, returns successfully on 20 September at the Milan Cafè in Via Procaccini 37. The collection of Elena Savò, a popular designer and organizer of the event, opens the show.

Elena Savó
: “fashion”, a passion that was born as a child

The great passion that Elena has for fashion is born when she is only a child. At the age of five she organized her first fashion show for family members. She offers her small creations within an idyllic setting, where she also performs in songs and dances. Her love for art and fashion as well as her aptitude for organizing events immediately emerged. The studies followed help her to deepen and enrich her knowledge in the field of fashion, proving to be fundamental for her activity as an entrepreneur and designer. Today Elena Savó is an appreciated designer and an excellent business woman.

Elena Savó”, a brand with a casual chic style

A casual chic style distinguishes the “Elena Savó” brand, which focuses on practical and comfortable garments but at the same time refined, refined and cared for in detail. The woman who dresses “Elena Savó” is strong and emancipated, elegant and sophisticated, but above all practical and independent. For this reason Elena has devised, in her marketing strategy, a fast and effective product sales solution, capable of saving her customers time. In a form containing the pre-established measures, each woman can register her own. The customer therefore does not necessarily have to go to the showroom to try on the dress: the garment will be tailor-made and then delivered. Practicality, speed and time saving are fundamental prerogatives for Elena and her team, who with these precautions meet the needs of today’s woman.



“Recycling refresh” by Elena Savó

The long-awaited event of the Opening Milan Fashion Week «Recycling refresh», the new collection by Elena Savó, opens. The main theme immediately emerges from the name of the collection: recycling. The collection was born from the idea of ​​a family on the go, where a brother and sister can exchange a jacket or another item of clothing without any problem. «Recycling» therefore understood as interchangeability, but also as the use of the same garment in different contexts, ranging from casual to elegant. Elena’s creations accompany the woman every day of the week, on every occasion and in every event.



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